Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases and Accessories | The Best Galaxy S8 Cases

Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases: Samsung Galaxy S8 is the premium grade Smartphone by Samsung and it is still not yet released. It is expected to be released by March or April this year with a hefty price tag.There is still plenty of time for the release of the Smartphone, but the market of accessories has already made preparation for the grand device beforehand.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases and Accessories:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

There are many online retailers and stores that have launched a variety of Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases and Accessories prior to its release. Today, there is endless number of cases and accessories available online for the grand Smartphone by Samsung. Although the cases and covers of Samsung Galaxy S7 is similar to Galaxy S8, but there are few differences in terms of design and patterns. Let us find out some of the cases and accessories that are available today for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

  • Flip Cover – The very first things that strike our mind is the flip cover. The flip cover is the first accessory that we buy whenever we purchase a Smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S8 flip cover protects the screen of the device from scratches and damages. The flip covers made for Samsung Galaxy S8 provide protection from both back side and front side. The price of the flip cover varies depending upon the brand and material of the cover
  • Transparent Cover – These are lighter covers designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy S8. The transparent cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 come in different patterns, colors and designs to suit the individual taste and needs of the users. The cover protects the Smartphone only from the back side, while the front part or the screen remains exposed. The price range of transparent cases varies from brand to brand.
  • Designer Plastic Cover – This is the latest addition in the section of Samsung Galaxy S8 cases. The designer plastic covers are durable and specifically design to catch attention of the onlookers. As the name suggest, it is made out of hard plastic that protect the device from all possible damages, while enhancing its look and appearance. The navigation keys are also protecte by these plastic over for Samsung Galaxy S8.
  • Metallic Cover – The Metallic covers for Samsung Galaxy S8 are the hardcore protector of phones from back side and they are designe by lightweight heavy duty metals. The covers give your phone ultimate protection, while enhancing its look. It makes your grand phone look really Royal and protect it from regular wear and tear and rough usages.
  • Wooden Covers – The wooden cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 provide your phone with elegant look and it comes with wooden polish finish. These cases are designe with plastic material and finish with wooden polish to give it a wood like look. The price varies from brand to brand.
  • PersonalizedCases – The market of Samsung Galaxy S8 cases is also floode with some personalized cases which are made available on pre-orders by the online retailers. You can imprint some of the memories or name of someone special on the case which will show your love and gratitude to the person closer to you.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Accessories:

  • Wireless Chargers – The Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone comes with both wireless charging and fast charging feature. So, all buyers must also invest in wireless chargers to quickly charge their phone wirelessly. It is perfect for desk and tables and can charge your Samsung Galaxy S8 in matter of minutes. Samsung Galaxy S8 supports wireless charging and hence it would be a worthwhile investment.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

  • Samsung Gear VR – It is the best Samsung Galaxy S8 accessory because this accessory offers you with wonderful gaming experience. This accessory can exceptionally enhance field of view and it comes with in-built controls and many other features to enhance your streaming experience. It is light in weight and easily available on different online stores.
  • AKG Y50BT – It is the best suite Samsung Galaxy S8 headphone that users must prefer buying. It will help you to enjoy music as it comes with different features like noise cancellation and more. It delivers better quality music and keeps your ears comfortable because of its padding. The headphone comes with different colors including black, silver and blue. The headphone comes with 3.5mm jack for the headphone slot of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

  • External Batteries – This is one of the must-have Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories to increase the operation time of the phone. The internal batteries are not sufficient to extended hours of operations which may drain up quickly. Therefore, having the external battery with you can save you from the frustration. You can instantly charge your internal batteries or replace it with the external one whenever required.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

These were some of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases and Accessories that you may consider while buying your next grand Smartphone by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review | Full Phone Specifications and Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Samsung is well-recognize brands that brought down in the market a decade ago. It has been serving the people’s need for almost all kinds of products like electronics gadget, home appliances. It is a Multinational conglomerate company, and Headquarter is in South Korea (Seoul). Today Samsung has become the world most profit earning company for its product, whereas it also has many competitors like Sony, Panasonic, LG, etc.

Samsung is the leading company in all over the world and the company manufactures different kinds of products like Mobiles phones, home appliances and much more. In today market scenario Samsung has come up with many features of smartphones, and even manufacturing a series of smartphones with an innovative idea, modernization of new technology. As being a well-reputed company, it also aime at making a better world through innovative, reliable products and services and a responsible approach to business and global citizenship.

About Samsung Galaxy S8 Review:

Samsung Galaxy S8 is likely to be launch in coming the year 2017, and this leaks rumors has already been floode in the entire world. Galaxy S8 may seem to be better smartphones and upgraded with some new features advanced modification as compared to the other series. On the other hand, an iPhone is coming up with new Iphone8 shock the wave in a competitive aspect. Whereas Galaxy S8 may be lower price compare to Iphone8. As looking into the previous series of Galaxy S7 which has become a huge hit in the market, so as unpredictable for the Galaxy S8 but still expected to be in high demand.

samsung galaxy s8 review

Features of Samusung Galaxy S8:

Here Samsung is planning for a major design for the coming new Galaxy S8, so the Galaxy S8 is also guarante to flaunt of coming new series of Galaxy as the latest and greatest mobile phones with advance and better hardware performance.The phone features are mention below:

samsung galaxy s8 review


Here Galaxy S8 is an advance technology that comes up with 2G bands, 3G bands, and 4G lite, so this features will give a better connectivity to the network, which may give accurate and sufficient enough to use the phone connectivity in all situation where a faster communication can be reliable. No doubt in today smartphones almost all the company has also implemented to this technology.


As Galaxy S8 is an upcoming phone expected with unique designed that create the average size of the body and stylish looks that attract the customer to use the phone. So Galaxy S8 come within build body of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 back panel that makes an innovative design body for protecting from scratch. Gorilla Glass 5 is a new generation and higher version of Gorilla Glass.


As the display is also an important factor for all smartphones manufacturers. The display indicates the size of the screen of any phones, so, therefore, the Galaxy S8 come up with the size of 5.1 inches which is the same size with the previous series of S7. And it is also announce that the Galaxy S8 will also have a 4k display which will provide a high definition of video streaming and this is the latest technology. Providing a 4k display will also improve a better quality for video with full clarity, so this may be an entertainment factor for people who love to watch the video in phones.


A processor is the logic circuitry that responds to and processes the basic instructions that drive a phone function, so when there is a high processor the performance function of smartphones will be more effective, faster, better. Here as the new upcoming Galaxy S8 provides an operating system of Android 7 which will be an advance OS which is much better as compared to the previous series of S7, and also it will have with a high chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 Exynos 8895 Octa core processor. This is an upgraded version, so this will have a high performance and faster for the phone.

Memory Storage

In this case, we have seen a different phone with different storage memory, so Galaxy has different internal memory in the previous series. As seen, the same way with this new series it also has two variants that come with internal storage of 64GB and 128GBwith RAM of 6GB which is sufficient for storing the large numbers of files and better performance by providing a higher RAM. Whereas this phone also have the capability of expanding up to 265GB with a card slot.


In smartphones, Camera is also an important factor for day to day activities where people can take a picture while traveling to different places and their special occasion. So in this Galaxy S8, it provides a primary camera of dual 12MP with autofocus phase detection and 8MP for the secondary and the video recording can also be taken with 4K HD.


The battery is the priority in all phones, as sometimes people travel from one place to another, so it is very important for the phone to have a sufficient battery backup to use. So this Galaxy S8 will come with an average of 3000Mah battery which will give a sufficient back up as the phone is in enough size for day to day use.

Well, these are the unique features, spec and the information regarding the upcoming Smartphone Samsung Galaxy s8 Review. But all the information that has mentioned in the above is rumors that are spread out and only expected version. However, the Samsung is generally sure to bring up its upcoming Smartphone very soon in the Smartphone market.

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